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About E.K. Barnes


E.K. Barnes is the author of the Diviner’s Legacy series. In the past, E.K. owned and operated Scribe Stash, a personalized subscription box service for readers and writers, where she also participated in writing and editing book, movie, and product review articles. She has been interviewed by Outlet Publishing Group and Double the Books Magazine regarding her writing endeavors and her work with Scribe Stash, respectively. Prior to and alongside this short endeavor, E.K. has written and performed several speeches and presentations across different topics—specifically regarding people, events, and mental health.

E.K. is a member of the Independent Author Network. For several years, she was also part of the leadership team at Drexel Church of the Nazarene in Missouri and was the last worship leader at the church prior to its doors closing in 2018. She converted to Unitarian Universalism in 2021.
E.K. is a 2014 graduate of Olathe Northwest High School in Kansas and has been a student at Johnson County Community College, MidAmerica Nazarene University, and Southern New Hampshire University. She holds a passion for awareness and advocacy work, specifically regarding social issues and mental health.

E.K. comes from a family of creatives—her brother is a musician with dreams of becoming a film composer, her sister has a degree in graphic design and enjoys creating webcomics, and her parents both hold degrees in music. In her free time, E.K. enjoys hanging out with family and friends, reading and watching compelling stories, and adding to her various collections. She currently resides in Kansas with her dog, Nikki.

E.K. has also attended a voice acting expo at the School of Voiceover in Minnesota. When asked about her experience, she said, “It’s probably the craziest thing I’ve ever done, but I don’t regret it for a second. After learning about my disorder, I wanted to push boundaries. I had discovered through working at the church a passion for hearing my voice and knowing it’s being heard. I wanted that feeling of purpose back. That’s when I decided to pursue voiceover work. I’d been told I had a great voice on the rare occasions when I used it, and I wanted to be able to put that voice to use.” E.K. is currently taking a break from this pursuit while her teeth are being corrected but is slowly beginning to lean back into this new role.

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