About E.K. Barnes


E.K. Barnes is the author of the Diviner’s Legacy series. In the past, E.K. owned and operated Scribe Stash, a personalized subscription box service for readers and writers, where she also participated in writing and editing book, movie, and product review articles. She has been interviewed by Outlet Publishing Group and Double the Books Magazine regarding her writing endeavors and her work with Scribe Stash, respectively. Prior to and alongside this short endeavor, E.K. has written and performed several speeches and presentations across different topics – specifically regarding people, events, and mental health.

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The Intensity of Silence



"This book is a time capsule," E.K. begins. "It carries the weight of twenty years."
Typically an urban fantasy author for young adults, E.K. Barnes has temporarily branched into autobiographical free-verse poetry and anecdotal writing to share her story. After suffering abuse at the hands of an extended family member, she spent decades in silence, attempting to bury her traumatic past. E.K. lived through approximately two decades of undiagnosed mental illnesses—including selective mutism, post-traumatic stress disorder, and ADHD. In college, she threw herself into volunteer work, eventually stumbling into several leadership positions at a small-town church. Although she is currently not a member of a Christian church, this book provides insight into her life as the child of a worship pastor, and how her root faith influenced her worldview.
Through the voice of E.K.'s teenage years and early adulthood, comes the heart-wrenching story of her navigation toward survival.

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