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Released November 22nd, 2022

While We Shatter Apart

Book Three in the Diviner's Legacy Series.

Genre: Young Adult Urban/Contemporary Fantasy (w/ Science Fiction & Historical elements)

Major Themes: Generational Trauma, WWII/Holocaust, Anti-Racism, Mental Health, 9/11 Terror Attacks

A year has passed since the diviners' coup against Priori Labs. Although they were promised to be hunted by the Krause family and the captivators if they violated the resulting treaty, the year passed without incident. That is until Bradley's great-grandmother insists Rebecca and Olga's public display of power in Monument Circle had incited an underground attack against their race.

After Paige's tantrums become increasingly violent and Bradley and Savanna's powers seem to ebb and flow, fifteen-year-old Bradley is determined to find the culprit to their inconsistent abilities. When his godsister mentions The Maria Project—a secret project inherited by a neo-Nazi at Priori Labs—he stubbornly tries to decipher who Maria is and how she fits into the narrative of the diviners' powerful origins. As certain truths are revealed, Bradley's expectations of his future shatter, and he is forced to make a choice. But will his choice be worth it in the end? Or will his expectations continue to crumble?

In this young adult contemporary sci-fi fantasy, Bradley must learn the true reason why some of the diviners survived World War II. When he realizes their continued survival may be jeopardized, he must find a way to keep their potential extermination from proceeding.



KT Barnes of KT Illustration & Design

Jessie Campbell & Rita Ray of Ruff! Manuscript's Best Friend

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