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Need a Sensitivity Reader?

I will read your chapter, scene, or story and identify potential problem spots that fit my areas of expertise (listed below). I may point out minor problems I see outside of those areas if I notice phrases that have been deemed problematic by others in the writing community. I do not provide official edits, but if I see minor typos, I may point them out in my report (unless you tell me not to).


Most of my comments will be embedded in the Word document I provide back to you (listed in the comments section) so you can see specifically where in the story I have identified potential problems. I will also provide a short paragraph or two describing any overall issues. I also provide my own reactions as a reader.

Areas of Expertise

Women Laughing on Couch

Female/Women Rep

This area of need is a little more common for male writers since there is a lot to unpack in the experiences of women that don't always match up to what men assume. Whether it be small everyday things like pockets or major issues regarding the common view behind the lens of a woman, you can count on me to catch it.


My area of expertise in this field is limited to bisexual/pansexual/omnisexual (or romantic) rep, as well as the asexual spectrum (especially Gray-Ace and Demi rep).

Rainbow flag
Woman in Therapy

Mental Illness Rep

I am especially skilled in catching potential issues or stereotypes for characters with depression, anxiety, PTSD (including C-PTSD), and selective mutism. However, I will occasionally branch out to other related illnesses for writers as they often include a bit of a crossover.

Neurodiversity Rep

My area of expertise is mainly in ADHD/ADD representation, but I have sensitivity read for Autistic characters as well. I will often point out stereotypes or areas that could use more elaboration/explanation.

Autism Therapy
Meditation by the Beach

Invisible Disabilities & Dysfunctions

I usually only do sensitivity reads under this category for characters who have a form of mutism and/or irritable bowel syndrome as they come from personal experience.

Protestant Christianity or Unitarian Universalism

As someone who was raised in protestant, evangelical Christianity, I can point out potential problem areas for characters who also share this experience; especially, for writers who don't want to overstep when it comes to portraying a religion they have not been a part of. As a Unitarian Universalist convert, I can do the same.

Note: I will rarely, if ever, make a note on these religions in your story unless you specifically ask me to (unless I think the portrayal is inaccurate). I understand and respect many writers' discontent with organized religion and will usually not flag negative remarks on Christianity, specifically.

Christian Statue

Sexual Assault Storylines

Watercolor Paint


I will read stories with sexual assault storylines and offer any insight to make a character's internal struggle in the aftermath more realistic.

However, I will NOT read stories with more than three explicit sex scenes, even if those scenes do or do not include assault. That goes for any book in any genre, regardless of whether sensitivity notes are needed in this area.

Preferred Genres

  • Young Adult/New Adult

  • Contemporary/Realistic Fiction

  • Urban/Contemporary Fantasy

  • Romance (No Erotica)

  • Mystery/Thriller

Colorful Books


  • $25 for Chapters/Scenes under 10,000 words

  • $50 for Novellas/Short Stories under 40,000 words

  • $100 for Full-Length Novels under 90,000 words

  • +$10 for every additional 10,000 words

Delivery Times

  • 4 Days Delivery for Chapters/Scenes

  • 7 Days Delivery for Novellas/Short Stories

  • 21 Days Delivery for Full-Length Novels

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