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The Diviner's Legacy Series

Hello! If you have found this page, it means you either missed out on the first and/or second book of The Diviner's Legacy series and either don't plan to read it or you don't mind spoilers. This is also a great place to be if you read the books, but need a little refresher course on what happened.

To begin, you can watch the video to hear and see a recap of what occurred in When the Divine Are Dead (Book One). If you prefer reading, below is a summary of both books to read what you may have missed.

When the Divine Are Dead


Hi! I'm E.K. Barnes and here's what you missed in When the Divine Are Dead.

The book opens with Bradley's five-year-old brother being shot by his best friend. Despite this, Bradley ends up saving his friend's life, keeping the casualties of the school shooting at zero. However, Bradley's brother Jesse is rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery where it is discovered he has a heart tumor that is completely inoperable. For the next month, Jesse is under hospital care until he inevitably passes away. Bradley's friend Olga reveals at Jesse's funeral that Chad, the shooter, has DID. This is, unfortunately, a cliché representation of dissociative identity disorder, but that is beside the point, since Bradley decides he doesn't believe her. Olga ends up traveling to another state in the summer for some kind of troubled teens program. We don't see her again for the rest of the book. Meanwhile, Bradley's family decides to move for the fourth time in his life. They begin planning their move from the northern suburbs of Chicago to the east side of Indianapolis. While the family is in packing mode, Bradley's sister Rebecca turns ten years old. This wouldn't be a big deal except for the fact that Bradley's family comes from a very special race of people called the 'diviners,' where children receive their powers at age ten. Rebecca conjures a replica of their dead brother, which is both completely freaky and also incredibly impressive. Luckily, that replica doesn't last more than a few seconds. Bradley is jealous that she's already so powerful. He has the same power of materialization, but can barely create something as simple as a Kleenex. The day before their move, a neighbor bursts through the door with news that her husband's cancer has relapsed. She wants Bradley's mother, who is a fortune teller/psychic to confirm or deny the bad news. It is assumed by Bradley's mom's reaction that not only the neighbor, but her children—who are friends with Bradley's sister Paige—will lose him. We don't see the family again in this book. The next day, The Chambers family arrives at their new home in Indianapolis near Warren Township.

When Bradley arrives at his new high school shortly after the move, he is surprised to be greeted by a police officer, who claims Bradley's mom and godparents think it would be wise if Frank, the student resource officer, kept heavy tabs on him due to Bradley's history of being involved in violent crimes. Bradley is given instructions to meet Frank every day during success time, which is basically a study hall hour. Bradley goes on to begin his first day of high school only to discover that his godmother is his first hour English teacher and that his godsister Serena shares every class with him. Serena is displeased that she's been chosen to essentially babysit him. Bradley wonders what her power is, since he hasn't seen her since before they both grew into theirs. He doesn't have the opportunity to ask and is left wondering. Bradley is glad to temporarily be rid of her when he goes to Frank's office for success time where he learns Frank is a telekinetic diviner. This ends up being a ploy to get Bradley to trust him enough to share his story of how he was kidnapped at five years old. However, Bradley doesn't take the bait. When he arrives at his next class, he meets Kase, who is also a diviner. Kase claims Frank can be trusted, but doesn't quite give the impression that he, himself can be once he reveals his power to Bradley via a faulty handshake. It is revealed Kase can manipulate his body mass. At lunch, Bradley ends up sitting alone, where he meets a peculiar friend named Jay-Jay, who is way too interested in Bradley's life for a stranger. This stranger again shows up in his next class where Bradley discovers his godfather is also a teacher at the high school. His godfather uses his telepathy to warn Bradley of his judgmental thoughts. Jay-Jay again appears in Bradley's history class, where the entrance of a beautiful girl takes his breath away, interrupting a conversation about how the future can't change. Jay-Jay makes an ominous comment about how maybe Bradley is right. Some things are set in stone. After class, Jay-Jay mentions the girl's name is Savanna and that he's known her since kindergarten. Bradley wants to be introduced to her, but backtracks, worried he would just ruin her life. Savanna appears again in their last class of the day where Serena seems potentially jealous of Savanna's beauty. Bradley asks Serena and Kase if they know any other diviners in the school, but their knowledge is limited to each other's families and Frank. It is also revealed that Serena has the same power as Kase.

On his way home from school, Bradley's siblings share details from their first days. The most notable detail is Rebecca's claim that she is being bullied at school. Later, the phone rings and it's Serena asking for Bradley. She is worried he will expose them as diviners. She urges him to be nice to Frank. This is followed by a brief teaser on why they haven't seen each other in a while, claiming her family was exposed five years ago. When his sister Paige finds out Serena was the one who called, she has a meltdown the next morning, begging their parents to transfer schools so she could go to school with Serena's brother. Later, in Frank's office, Bradley tries to dig for details of what caused Serena's family to move to Indianapolis, believing the story had something to do with Frank. Frank refuses to discuss other students. In an attempt to get Frank to talk, Bradley shares his kidnapping story, revealing that he was kidnapped on Halloween when his family lived in New Mexico. His kidnapper had him for two days during which he remembers seeing the feet of decaying children. The fact that his kidnapper had multiple victims before Bradley was not in the police report. Bradley spends the rest of the day emotionally exhausted and easily triggered. Jay-Jay tries to distract him by saying he thinks Bradley should ask Savanna out. They get in a minor argument about whether it's a good idea. Jay-Jay tries to get Serena on his side and, instead, is given a list of traumas from Bradley's past. Jay-Jay chooses to believe Bradley is a good person, which triggers Bradley enough that he has to leave the classroom. Frank finds Bradley in the hallway and brings him to his office. Bradley has a meltdown, arguing with Frank over whether he's a good person. Later, Bradley finds himself alone in his room with the door locked as he relieves the nightmare. Serena comes over to apologize, using her powers to walk through the door. She reveals her entire family story of how they came to Indianapolis as well as part of the history of the diviners, claiming they initially came from Romani bloodlines and were targeted during World War II. She discusses how a neo-Nazi in her hometown had discovered her family during an emergency visit when she was ten, prompting her family to run. She also explains how Kase's family is wary of other diviners and refuse to be associated with them in case their enemies find them too.

A week passes and Bradley decides he wants to know his own family's history with World War II; however, his mother claims their great-grandmother refuses to speak of it. She urges him not to go looking for her. To distract him, she has a vision that leads her to Savanna, but doesn't give specifics. When Bradley arrives at school that day, he decides to ask Jay-Jay about Savanna again. Jay-Jay suggests the two may be destined. In history class, Jay-Jay introduces the two. An awkward exchange occurs between the two that ends in the scheduling of a weekend date. Serena is annoyed by this.

Savanna sits with them in their last class of the day, but this doesn't last long. She leaves after Kase makes a rude comment. Bradley finds her in the gym after school and convinces her that he's not friends with Kase. For the rest of the week, Bradley actively tries to separate himself from Kase and Serena to prove it. This behavior continues to annoy Serena and she devises a plan to potentially ruin his date. Her entire family unexpectedly comes over his house on Saturday morning for an impromptu gathering. In an attempt to get away from some of the telepaths in her family, he leaves the house, where he discovers Savanna playing with a younger girl in the driveway across the street. Bradley joins their game, but every time they pass the ball to him, it disappears. This is when he learns Savanna and her family are also diviners. They invite him inside the house where they try to teach him how to control his powers better.

When he returns to his house, Serena is there to interrogate him. They go out to the backyard where her sister apologizes for reading his mind earlier. This is when the rest of their siblings learn there is a girl in Bradley's life and begin asking questions. Bradley bypasses them, more interested in asking his sister Rebecca if she would use her powers to help him practice. She isn't privy to the idea, not having used them since she conjured the look-a-like of their dead brother. It is then revealed that Savanna's sister is the one bullying Rebecca at school. Bradley announces this to Savanna at school a couple days later and she insists on meeting at his house that night. When she arrives, it is with her sister to help apologize, but her sister's presence triggers Rebecca, who uses her newly acquired powers to redecorate the front room. Bradley's parents are concerned when his mom reveals she hadn't seen this coming. They take Rebecca to the hospital only to find that nothing is wrong with her. Savanna and her sister, Ursula, stay behind, where Savanna analyzes the changes Rebecca made to the room. She insists Rebecca is powerful and insists they talk to Jay-Jay about it. This is when it is revealed Jay-Jay is also psychic. While at Bradley's house, Jay-Jay has a vision that their enemies are coming for them, but doesn't know who they are. Bradley reveals to Savanna that he thinks the enemies are neo-Nazis based on Serena's story. Savanna reveals she used to live in Paris after her family ran from a group of neo-Nazis called the New Order and that her family is on the top of a hitlist because of their ancestor's involvement in Hitler's death. Later, Bradley learns his powers are triggered by a need for self-preservation. He uses his power to dematerialize objects to restore the room Rebecca had changed.

The next day, Bradley is late for school. He tries to warn his godmother of the impending doom, but due to her lack of a vision and his history, she doesn't believe him. Bradley reveals his theory about the neo-Nazis to Jay-Jay, who is immediately angry upon realizing Serena's involvement has put Savanna's family at an increased risk. A fight almost breaks out in the cafeteria after Kase steps in to defend Serena. Frank pulls them into his office and demands to know what's going on. It is revealed Serena has been researching the New Order, which is what led the New Order to the diviners in East Indianapolis. Serena is upset upon finding out Jay-Jay's vision involved her being kidnapped and potentially hurt. Frank makes a promise to Serena that he will protect her and the diviners begin to devise a plan to stick together. While Bradley's godfather telepathically interrogates Bradley on Serena's whereabouts, his telepathy fades. Jay-Jay soon realizes the adults' powers are disappearing and proves this by having Frank test his powers. Despite his missing abilities, Frank is positive he can still protect the rest of the diviners. Serena apologizes to Savanna for putting her in danger. That night, Serena's family gathers at Bradley's house to discuss if they should run. They decide to stay. That Saturday, every diviner family appears at Kase's first football game of the season, believing they are stronger in numbers. Bradley decides to officially introduce himself to Savanna's mom, but when her powers disappear after he greets her, he is convinced he is the one making them vulnerable. He runs away and hops on the first bus he finds. When he finally gets off the bus, he is taken off the street by a trio of men. They take him to an airplane hangar where it is revealed they are members of the New Order. It is also revealed the man who had kidnapped Bradley at age five was also a member. It is made clear the New Order had been tracking Bradley for most of his life, waiting for his family to leave the Chicago area where they were protected by the large population of other diviners. It is also revealed that Bradley's insulin was tainted by the New Order, which is what has been causing the adults around him to lose their abilities. However, the New Order believes Bradley was able to remove the powers from diviners of all ages. He does not clue them in on their mistake.

When the New Order leaves him alone at the hangar to kidnap Serena, he is able to free himself using his powers. He runs back to the bus he had taken before, where Jay-Jay meets him. They travel back to Bradley's house where most of the diviners had gathered. By this point, Serena has turned herself in to the neo-Nazis. With Bradley's help, they are able to make an educated guess on where they have taken her and the diviners devise a rescue plan. With most of the adults powerless, Frank and Savanna's dad are left to lead the children into battle. They find the secret underground bunker below Fort Ben State Park and begin their mission. However, the adults are held up near the entrance, fending off armed men as the children scatter throughout the underground maze. Splitting into two groups, Bradley and the others search for Serena, attempting to follow her screams. Bradley's group is the one who finds her, but they are unable to enter the room and are quickly stopped by several New Order members. Upon realizing their plan to eliminate the diviners of their powers didn't work, they lock Bradley in a gas chamber, separating him from Savanna and Rebecca. Bradley is able to dematerialize the wall between his room and Serena's, leaking gas into her room. The gas causes the neo-Nazis to run as Bradley struggles to save a barely conscious Serena. After he manages to dematerialize the wall separating her room and the hallway, the other group of diviners finds them. Kase carries Serena out of the bunker as Kevin and Paige help Bradley search for Savanna and Rebecca. While they are searching, a copy of Savanna's dad—he can multiply himself—appears, but gets too close to Bradley and quickly disappears. Not too long afterward, a wall explodes and Rebecca and Savanna can be heard in the destroyed area. Bradley is choked by a neo-Nazi and Savanna saves him. They have their first kiss. Meanwhile, Kevin and Paige are trying to calm Rebecca as it seems she is the source of the earthquake that is continuing to shake the bunker. They are able to escape, meeting Savanna's dad at the entrance. Once above ground, Rebecca destroys the entire underground lair. She and Bradley both pass out.

Bradley wakes up in the hospital to his great-grandmother telling the story of how she survived World War II in Poland. It is revealed she and Savanna's great-grandmother were best friends and could both be credited for Hitler's death. However, after the war, they parted ways. She also suggests that Rebecca is what is known as the "Chosen One" and is more powerful than the rest. It is also revealed by Jay-Jay that Serena had suffered massive internal damage, but would live to tell the tale. Savanna reveals it's her birthday, believing that him waking from his diabetic coma on that day was fate. They have their second kiss. She also explains to him that all the adults powers had returned. This is followed by her insistence that he never run from her again. This is a promise he agrees to make.

Serena narrates the epilogue, revealing a few details of her torture and that she was left on suicide watch. It is also revealed that she is unable to have children.

In the Case of Our Fate


Hi! I'm E.K. Barnes and here's what you missed in In the Case of Our Fate.

The book opens with Bradley experiencing a flashback of his time in the RV with his childhood kidnapper. Now that Bradley understands the true dangers of being a diviner, pieces of his memory of this event have fallen into place. A few details of how Bradley was raised religiously are revealed. It is revealed Bradley is dreaming as his mother shakes him awake. Bradley’s trauma and anxiety set the tone for the next few chapters, and his nightmare has upset him so much that he asks to be excused from school. His mom agrees since it is the anniversary of his kidnapping (Halloween). She forces him to eat, and Bradley explains how she’s cracked down a little more on managing his diabetes. The rest of the family is preparing for their day. Blake is upset that both his family and his new school don’t allow them to celebrate Halloween. Rebecca paints Paige’s face, and there is a brief conversation about it violating the dress code. Their mom doesn’t make her take the paint off, which angers Blake, who then takes his anger out on Bradley. Mrs. Chambers feels bad, so she agrees to keep Blake home from school, suggesting they go to the mall to buy candy. However, when Blake, Bradley, and Mrs. Chambers load into the van, Blake is upset that Bradley is going with them. He argues with Bradley and says many insensitive words that anger Mrs. Chambers into canceling their trip. After Blake wishes Bradley had died instead of Jesse, Bradley agrees and runs to their backyard where he has a breakdown. After he’s calmed down a little, Bradley reveals he now has an insulin pump and explains how it works. Then he goes back to analyzing his trauma. His mom comes out to talk to him and they compare memories of the day he was kidnapped. The name of the woman who was involved in his kidnapping is revealed. When she asks why he didn’t tell anybody about the other children, his anger resurfaces, and he runs into the house.
The next day at school, Savanna questions where he was, but he doesn’t explain. She is upset that he is keeping secrets from her. Jay-Jay advises that he be honest with her, but Bradley says he won’t until Jay-Jay is honest with Serena. Jay-Jay hints at his distaste for his abilities, which sends Bradley on an internal rant about how diviners and Roma are not free. Coincidentally, his history teacher begins the class by sharing artwork from the European Renaissance, one depicting a Roma woman stealing a ring. This sets Bradley off, and he leaves to meet Frank in his office. When he reaches the office, he kicks a chair and punches a wall. Bradley considers breaking his own hand. Frank stops him telekinetically, frustrated that Bradley isn’t using his words. He threatens Bradley with a battery charge. He eventually gets Bradley to sit down and suggests Bradley has PTSD. He shares his concern that Bradley might be suicidal. Bradley insists he isn’t, but Frank doesn’t believe him. He calls Jay-Jay into the office and asks that he trigger a vision to see if Bradley might kill himself. Jay-Jay is immediately upset upon having a vision. Although he says Bradley isn’t going to die, he wouldn’t be more specific than that. Jay-Jay ices the diviners out the rest of the day. It is while some of the other diviners try to talk to him that it is revealed Kase and Serena broke up between books. After the final bell rings, Jay-Jay slips Bradley a note that says, “If there was a cure, would you take it?” Bradley thinks he means a cure to eradicate the diviners’ abilities. Savanna tries to see, but Bradley crumples the paper. She is again upset about him not telling her things. When they’re in the hallway, she confronts him, having guessed that Jay-Jay had a terrible vision. She starts to spit out theories of what it could have been. She fears Bradley might die. He insists he isn’t, but then it occurs to him that Jay-Jay could have seen Savanna die. He has a hard time leaving her.
When he gets into his parents’ van, his mom picks up on his body language. She induces a vision but then fails to hide her reaction. When Bradley inquires about it, she insists it’s nothing. He insists she tells him what she saw. She then repeats the phrase Jay-Jay had written on the piece of paper. Then she notes that she doesn’t see Bradley dying any time soon. She is relieved by this, revealing there will be more children around soon. Bradley thinks she’s pregnant, but she dispels this theory, stating that Paige’s friends from Itasca were about to lose their father. They would be taking in her friends temporarily. Bradley asks if she’s had a vision about Savanna. She reveals she can’t see her. Although she isn’t worried, this causes Bradley to panic. He spends hours waiting for Savanna to get home from cheer practice, calling her repeatedly only to get her voicemail. Annoyed by his behavior, Rebecca tries out a new ability on him. After a single touch, he feels an immediate difference. Suddenly, he can breathe easier, the world a little brighter. Mrs. Chambers is angry, insisting Rebecca undo what she did. Bradley is convinced the “cure” Jay-Jay and his mom were talking about what Rebecca’s ability to remove his PTSD. Rebecca refuses to undo her magic, insisting Bradley was in pain and she didn’t want him to suffer. She runs upstairs, Mrs. Chambers chasing her. She tells Paige not to let Bradley out of her sight, which Bradley sees as a challenge. He runs outside toward the school. By the time he reaches the school, the gym doors are locked, and he realizes Savanna was probably back home. On his way back, he tripped and blacks out.
Bradley wakes up on the street to a paramedic shining a light in his face. Frank finds them, surprised to see Bradley. He thinks Bradley is high on drugs. Bradley’s mom and Paige appear, insisting they’ll take him home. Bradley refuses to go home without seeing Savanna and tries to steal the car. His attempt fails as he doesn’t know how to put the car in gear. Frank then drives him home in his police cruises after cuffing him.
When they arrive home, Savanna runs across the street, seeming to be completely oblivious to the situation. She asks if he wants to see a new trick she learned in practice. Bradley nods, dematerializing the cuffs. She climbs on top of the Chambers’ van and Frank has to telekinetically stop her from faceplanting on the concrete. He asks if Rebecca took everyone’s fear away. He then interrogates Rebecca, attempting to convince her to reverse her magic. Rebecca insists Bradley doesn’t want his pain back because it would hit him all at once. Savanna says Rebecca didn’t do anything to her and Rebecca agrees, which confuses everyone due to Savanna’s behavior. Savanna does another trick, rolling herself into the street where she almost gets hit by a car. This is when Rebecca finally sees the danger and returns Bradley’s pain as Frank saves Savanna from being hit. Savanna starts to scream, which alerts her parents, who run outside toward the commotion. Paige realizes Bradley and Savanna are connected. Rebecca insists their connection can’t be broken. She then explains that when she took away Bradley’s pain, she triggered his and Savanna’s connection, saying they're connected by a string of fate. She explains how they're soulmates. This angers Mr. Huckleberry, who insists Bradley stay away from his daughter. Bradley and Savanna’s parents have an argument, and Bradley goes inside to get away from it. After Savanna had calmed down and gone inside her house, Bradley calls her to ask if she’s all right. It is revealed she saw all of his pain and trauma, which causes Bradley to panic, having not been ready for her to know some things. She manages to calm him down but convinces him to focus on her emotions, which are dominated by love.

The next day, Mrs. Chambers and Paige leave for Itasca for a funeral, so Bradley’s dad drives him to school early. Bradley finds Jay-Jay in the cafeteria getting breakfast and tries to ask him if he knew anything about being fated. Jay-Jay insists he doesn’t. Jay-Jay then interrupts a conversation Serena is having with a basketball player. They bicker until Jay-Jay calls her “the sad girl.” Serena is clearly uncomfortable by this and asks if he’s heard any locker room talk. He teases her, suggesting he won’t reveal the truth. This angers her, but nothing further is revealed in their conversation. Jay-Jay tells Bradley he’s trying to keep Serena from making a huge mistake but doesn’t elaborate.
After lunch, it is revealed Mr. Lindt isn’t teaching. Instead, a sub has replaced him. Serena also doesn’t show up for class but comes in late for their next class with her blouse not buttoned right and her hair tousled. Jay-Jay asks the teacher if he can go to the bathroom. She lets him, but he never returns. After class, the teacher calls the nurse to see if Jay-Jay had ended up there, which he had. Savanna and Bradley offer to bring him his things.
On the way to the nurse’s office, they encounter the basketball player from earlier (Aaron), who looks like he’s been in a fight. Aaron then sexually harasses Savanna. Savanna fights him, spitting on him and saying, “That’s for Marcie.”
Bradley and Savanna find Jay-Jay in the nurse’s office, nursing several cuts and bruises. Savanna asks him why he fought Aaron, chastising him for being so stupid. While their conversation is happening, Bradley seems uncomfortable with feeling Savanna’s emotions and physically tries to shake them. Jay-Jay reveals he fought Aaron because of some locker room talk involving Serena. He vaguely shares his concern about a vision. Bradley inquires if the vision was the same one he had in Frank’s office. Jay-Jay says it isn’t and that he can’t say anything about the visions because the universe won’t let him. Bradley reveals his mom can’t see Savanna in her visions, which shocks Savanna. Jay-Jay’s reaction seems to suggest it’s because Savanna is about to die, which sends Savanna into a panic.
Ms. Jones then appears, followed by Frank. She insists Aaron should be suspended, but Frank says Jay-Jay initiated the fight and, therefore, will suffer the consequences. Meanwhile, Bradley is trying to calm Savanna via their emotional connection. Jay-Jay interrupts his mom and Frank’s fight by revealing that Bradley and Savanna are glowing. Ms. Jones acts like she can’t see them at all. To avoid prying eyes, they all go out to the hallway, where Bradley tells them Savanna thinks she’s going to die. Ms. Jones tries to get Jay-Jay to dispel this, but he refuses. Bradley yells at him until Jay-Jay finally breaks down and says she is. Jay-Jay then has a seizure.
When Bradley and his family return home for the day, they find Serena on their porch with a bag. They invite her inside, but not after Mr. Chambers reveals to Bradley that Serena’s dad had left. Inside, Serena mentions that she and her mom were in a fight. She also expresses her distaste for Jay-Jay calling her a whore through a literature reference Bradley doesn’t understand. Bradley inquires about the rumors and she ask what he heard. He then tells her Jay-Jay got into a fight with Aaron, which seems to anger her. Serena theorizes that Jay-Jay did this because he knows she slept with Aaron. Bradley tries to warn her about Aaron; although, he’s unsure of the details of his warning. They argue a little until something Bradley says seems to make her cry. Serena reveals what happened to her in the neo-Nazi bunker (Book One) and how it has impacted her life.
The next day, Mr. Chambers tries to give Bradley and Serena the sex talk (read, abstinence talk). Bradley is immediately embarrassed, but Serena is amused by the audacity. She argues with him over his stance on abstinence. Mr. Chambers warns Bradley not to do anything to piss Savanna’s father off. The conversation then shifts when Serena inquires about Bradley’s parents’ pre-marital relationship. It is revealed Mrs. Chambers’ father is a mind reader, which intimidated Mr. Chambers too much. Serena then compares Bradley’s parents’ relationship to her parent's relationship, which then initiates a conversation on courtship and arranged marriage. Mr. Chambers expresses his disdain for his father-in-law and the man his wife was originally betrothed to. Then he tries to save face by insisting not all arranged marriages are bad, and that he was jealous of Serena’s parents’ relationship. He tries to dispel her fears about a possible divorce in the future by insisting all married couples have issues. However, he then expresses the dangers of arranged marriages, particularly with minors, and reveals that the marriage laws in Indiana allow sixteen-year-olds to marry. He also suspects this is why Mr. Huckleberry is so afraid of Bradley and Savanna’s relationship. Serena is shocked to hear Bradley and Savanna are fated, and Bradley asks her what she knows. She doesn’t seem to know much outside of soulmates being able to feel each other’s feelings.
Mr. Chambers steers the conversation back on track, suggesting Mr. Lindt felt guilt over what happened to Serena.  She insists all of it was her fault, not his, but when Bradley asks why she’s blaming Jay-Jay, she says it’s because Jay-Jay failed to reveal that she wouldn’t die quickly.
A few days later, Mrs. Chambers and Paige return with the Burnett twins (Sage and Seth) and their little sister (Tuesday). Seth helps cook dinner, but it turns out terribly. Paige and Sage get into an argument.
About a week passes before Kase approaches Bradley in class, asking if he heard about what was happening. He then shows Bradley the text he received, which involved an assumably nude photograph of Serena. He insists he received several texts like this from various teammates, who thought he took the photos. Bradley suggests it may have been Aaron who took them and points him out at lunch. Kase then initiates a fistfight with Aaron. Serena tries to push Kase off him. When Bradley sees some of the other basketball players eyeing Serena, he knees one in the back, which initiates a second fight. Frank finally appears and marches Kase and Bradley to his office.
Before they make it to Frank’s office, they spot Savanna in the hallway seeming agitated. Frank immediately recognizes that she’s being affected by Bradley’s emotions and insists he takes some breaths. Bradley doesn’t pick up on this. Kase asks what’s wrong with Savanna and Bradley tells him she thinks she will die. Frank gets annoyed and once again tells Bradley he needs to control his anger, explaining what is happening. As Kase watches Bradley and Savanna calm down, he recognizes the signs of the fated.
Later in Frank’s office, Serena interrupts Frank, Kase, and Bradley, yelling mainly at Kase. She doesn’t seem to know about the texts, so Bradley insists Kase show her. He refuses. Frank demands Kase give him his phone. Kase complies. Frank briefly looks at the text before shutting the screen off. He then tells Kase and Bradley to wait in the office for their parents since they are being suspended for initiating fights.
While they’re waiting in the main office, a man comes in that Kase recognizes as a locally famous criminal defense attorney (Mr. Krause). It is revealed he is Aaron’s father. Mr. Krause then makes racist remarks toward both the new principal and the students.
Over the following weekend, Bradley and his mom drive to New Castle to watch Savanna compete in a cheer competition. Afterward, Marcie approaches Bradley suggesting he warn Serena about Mr. Krause. She then bolts from the conversation, brushing Mrs. Chambers as they pass each other. Mrs. Chambers then has a vision and insists Marcie may be in trouble, but instead of immediately trying to help her, she leads Bradley to the car and they travel back to Indianapolis with the radio blaring. She insists Marcie is being watched by powerful people and is subsequently afraid the same people could be watching them. After taking a complicated route home, she parks the car in the backyard and tries to remove the license plate. She stops when Bradley asks if removing the plate was going to help. Bradley’s dad comes out to see what’s going on. Mrs. Chambers tells him the people that were watching his father are watching Marcie. It is then revealed that Mr. Chambers’ father had created a cure for type one diabetes back when Bradley’s parents were dating. An attorney general with the last name Krause had taken over the lab and the research, and the government had been pretending there wasn’t a cure because they make more money treating diabetes than curing it.
Bradley is mad that his parents went along with the lie. He tries to call Savanna so she can keep an eye on Marcie, but his parents are so concerned that involving anyone would put their family on a hitlist that they try to stop him. Sage uses her telekinesis to yank the phone from his hand and end the call. Mr. Chambers shares his fear that the lab will think they’re plotting a coup, which gives Bradley the idea to plot one. Rebecca helps convince their parents they could pull one off. This is when Mrs. Chambers reveals her vision from earlier. She had seen Bradley with the cure in his hand talking to his grandfather.
While plotting the coup, Rebecca wants to involve Savanna because of her and Bradley’s shared abilities, but Bradley decides to keep her out of it. Seth agrees to help them, but Paige and Sage both decide it’s not worth it. Paige’s undivine friend mentions that her boyfriend’s brothers (Calvin and Liam) attend the same high school as Bradley. They decide to contact them to see if they’d help. To do this, Bradley shows up in the school’s parking lot and has a telepathic conversation with Calvin, convincing him to telepathically dig for information from Aaron and some of the other diviners. Frank catches Bradley on school property and demands he leaves, but before that happens Frank reveals Serena doesn’t want to press charges against Aaron. Bradley leaves to go to the library across the street.
At the library, Kase is working on homework. Bradley asks him what he knows about the fated. Kase insists being fated is a curse because his great-grandparents were also fated, and they had died at Auschwitz. He is convinced this is why Savanna is going to die. This freaks Bradley out, and he runs home to his mom, who insists Kase is wrong. It is then revealed that if one person in a fated couple dies, the other dies too. Since she didn’t see Bradley die, she is convinced Savanna won’t. This raises questions about the details of Jay-Jay’s visions.
Mrs. Chambers changes the subject, though, mentioning the conversation her husband had with Bradley while she was gone. She explains a few things from her culture and shares a few details about her arranged marriage, making it sound less terrible than her husband had made it out to be.
Once school lets out, Bradley meets Calvin outside, who is pretending to jog down the street as they have a telepathic conversation. Calvin expresses how impressed he is with Serena and reveals that she had a plan to take down the Krauses and/or Priori Labs all along. He then mentions that there’s an upcoming walk to raise money for the cure. Savanna interrupts them, the added telepathy giving Calvin a headache. Bradley asks her if she’s going to the diabetes walk. She thinks about going with Marcie since her mom has a jewelry booth along the route. Calvin leaves, cutting off their conversation just as the rest of Bradley’s family returns home. Savanna crosses the street to join them as they all rush inside. Bradley relays his conversation with Calvin. Savanna gets mad at Bradley for not having kept her in the loop. He then tells her she’s not going to die, explaining how he knows. Mrs. Chambers explains she may have been led to believe this because it made her train harder. Rebecca throws a knife at Savanna to test Savanna’s new ability. Savanna dematerializes herself before reappearing to avoid being stabbed. Bradley and Savanna argue with Rebecca. Later, Savanna expresses her anger with Marcie for her role in the scam. She also insists Bradley needs to be cured so they can both live longer, which Bradley finds offensive.
The next day, Savanna guides Bradley, Seth, Calvin, Liam, and Rebecca toward Monument Circle, where Marcie’s mom’s booth is. Bradley spots Serena and Aaron across the circle. Rebecca insists they need a distraction and Seth darts toward Serena and Aaron. Everybody follows her except for Bradley and Savanna, who approach Marcie’s booth. Savanna confronts Marcie, and Marcie’s mom insists Savanna and Bradley leave. Their argument is interrupted by screams as the monument is transformed into a giant message that states, “Priori Labs is lying to you.” Savanna immediately recognizes this as Rebecca’s distraction and tugs Bradley toward the monument in search of her. They find Rebecca passed out at the base, Calvin holding her up. A gunshot rings through the crowd and Bradley and Savanna run back to Marcie. Both Marcie and her mom seem to have disappeared, although, there is a pool of blood in their place. Calvin catches up to them, placing Rebecca on the concrete. She wakes shortly after, claiming the other diviners have Aaron in their custody. This suggests a plausible trade for either Marcie or her mom.
Meanwhile, Serena has Aaron zip-tied to a chair in a nearby hotel room, where Calvin and Bradley later meet her. Serena tries to scare Aaron by showing him what she’s found on his computer—child pornography. This sets Bradley’s flashbacks off, and he is mentally back in the Sangre de Cristo mountains with his kidnapper. He leaves the room where Savanna and Rebecca are waiting in the hallway. Savanna tries to use their connection to calm him. As they glow, Rebecca mentions that the undivine can’t see them when they do that. Seth appears, insisting there is law enforcement everywhere. The diviners are worried they’re looking for them, and Liam appears to help guide everyone back in the room. Rebecca causes Aaron to lose consciousness. They can hear the police department knocking on doors. Serena pins a note to Aaron’s shirt for the cops before Seth asks her if she can walk through walls. Serena seems reluctant to do this. Rebecca insists Bradley and Savanna turn invisible before she removes Serena’s fear or pain. Serena then guides everyone else into the adjacent room. Bradley and Savanna turn invisible as the cops raid the room. It appears the cops believe Aaron is being framed. Bradley and Savanna try to quietly move toward the door, but Bradley stumbles, the sound alerting the cops. Savanna decides to try to mess with them by pretending she’s a ghost, which ends in gunshots. Bradley pulls her from the room, and they argue about her choice. Serena reaches through a nearby door and pulls them into another room.
While they’re deliberating what to do, Savanna digs through his memories and realizes he knows Olga. It is revealed Olga stayed with her family over the summer while she was in the troubled teens' program (Book One). Savanna also mentions that she had asked Olga to fly there to help them. As if on cue, they hear a roar and look out the window to see a dragon circling the square. They assume Olga had shapeshifted into it. As law enforcement shoot in her direction, they hastily try to devise a plan. Savanna chases Bradley up the hotel stairs to the roof when a thump shakes the building. Savanna keeps Bradley invisible as they discover a crowd of police circling a small creature on the roof. It flies above the officers and towards Bradley and Savanna. As it pushes them inside, it begins to transform into Olga. The rest of the diviners are in the stairwell. Olga turns Calvin into a frog just for kicks. She begins turning everyone into mice so they can fit in the vents. Being afraid of mice, Bradley freaks out. Bradley and Savanna end up invisibly staying behind as the rest of them run. They all meet on a street corner on the fringes of the square, back in human form.
As they begin walking toward the lab, Olga tries to initiate an argument with Rebecca, not knowing about their previous brush with neo-Nazis in Book One. Serena defends Rebecca and shows Olga her scars. Savanna replays the memory of when she and Bradley were separated in the bunker, filling in that missing piece from Book One. In the memory, it appears Rebecca had saved Savanna from being sexually assaulted.
They continue toward the lab and are interrupted by Serena’s pain. Apparently what Rebecca had done to her in the hotel had worn off. Rebecca insists she can’t do it twice. She insists she can make it to the lab, but Calvin disagrees. Calvin realizes her plan all along was to get herself killed. Rebecca causes Serena to fall unconscious and insists Calvin take her somewhere safe. After Calvin leaves with her, Olga questions Bradley’s mental fitness. Savanna makes him promise to get help after their coup.
When they reach the lab, they realize the building is guarded by the National Guard. Olga turns them all into birds, which doesn’t end well for Bradley. He loses consciousness and wakes up as a human in a stairwell at the lab. Rebecca is taking his blood sugar, announcing it’s back to normal. Savanna explains he had a seizure. Olga is mad that they hadn’t taken Bradley to the hospital, although he seems to have bounced back okay. Seth wonders if birds need more glucose.
Someone opens the door to the stairwell, scaring Olga as she turns into a bat. It appears to be Mr. Lindt. When the other diviners seem to recognize him, Olga returns to her human form. Mr. Lindt insists he’s been working there undercover for a few weeks. Savanna and Bradley leave the room before Olga turns them all into lab rats. Mr. Lindt tells them telepathically to go to the fifth floor as he pretends, he lost a few lab rats to get past the guards.
Bradley and Savanna take the elevator all the way down to the fifth floor, but as soon as the doors open, they are blasted with powdered sugar so some of the soldiers could see them. The soldiers lead them to a conference room where the Krauses try to negotiate with them. Bradley notices on nearby security cameras that the other diviners seem to be talking to an invisible person. Bradley watches the cameras click between various rooms and halls, finally seeing them reappear again, this time stuck in a small glass room, power-obstructing bracelets on their wrists. He doesn’t see Rebecca. Bradley realizes the Krauses have ties to the neo-Nazis; however, he knows the bracelets don’t work on Rebecca. When the building shakes, he assumes this is his sister’s doing.
The POV switches to Rebecca, who can sense that Bradley is trapped. She retells the scene in the lab’s stairwell, suggesting something was off about Mr. Lindt. It is also revealed that she hears a guiding voice whenever she’s in danger. She realizes Mr. Lindt isn’t whom they think he is and bites him in her rat form. Trapped in a rat cage in a room with other animals, she officially meets the person who was pretending to be Mr. Lindt. It turns out to be an illusionist named Wystan. This is the first time it is revealed there are people with superpowers outside of the diviners. After he leaves the room, Rebecca breaks out of the cage and manages to turn himself back into a human. As she’s in the hallways searching for the others, she notices a door with Dr. Clayton Sauer’s name on it and realizes why Serena wanted to take down the lab so bad. She finally finds the others trapped in a glass box in a room, guarded by a four-year-old. She learns the girl’s name is Daphne, another superpowered person. They are both suddenly surrounded by ghosts. The ghosts explain to Rebecca that she is one of three and that Daphne is just like her. Most of the ghosts insist they maintain balance, except for one who implies she should destroy Daphne. After the ghosts disappear, Rebecca makes the glass disappear, freeing the diviners. As they run away, Daphne reacts angrily to Rebecca, and they fight without touching each other. When Rebecca finally touches her, their skin burns and flakes, becoming stuck to each other. Heat builds until they explode away from each other, which is what caused the boom Bradley felt. Rebecca escapes the room, only to be caught.
The POV switches back to Bradley, who is sorely disappointed by the idea that maybe it wasn’t his sister who had caused the explosion. Savanna realizes whom the Krauses are working with. She calls them monsters. General Krause yanks Bradley’s arm out of his socket, which Savanna feels. They threaten to kill the real Mr. Lindt. Savanna reveals that the monsters their working with are called captivators and that they are haunted by fifth-century spirits. She insists they were originally druids who practiced dark magic. The Krauses push for Bradley to sign a contract stating that if any diviner came within three hundred feet of the lab, its employees, or a member of the Krause family, the captivators reserved the right to kill Bradley. Watching the security cameras, Savanna announces she found the real Mr. Lindt as well as Marcie’s mom. In their negotiations, it is revealed Aaron will be switching schools, but the Krauses insist they don’t have Marcie. They think the diviners have her and replay footage from the sniper that shot at her and her mom. It appears someone had saved Marcie and dragged her away. Bradley looks to Savanna for permission to sign the contract, and she gives it to him.
As they are escorted from the lab, they pass by Aaron, who has been freed from police custody. They wait in the parking lot for the rest of the diviners. Mr. Lindt and Marcie’s mom are released first, both clearly injured. Savanna explains to Bradley that some of the captivators can create illusions, which causes him unease. Olga, Rebecca, Liam, and Seth are then escorted off the premises, Olga putting up a fight. Olga is mad that Bradley signed the contract. Bradley recognizes Wystan, realizing he used to be friends with Wystan’s little brother. In fact, he thought Wystan and his entire family were dead.
The diviners squeeze into Mr. Lindt’s car and he drives them to the hospital. Frank and Mrs. Chambers find them in the waiting room. Frank then yells at all of them for not including him in their plan. Bradley is then attended to by a nurse as they contemplate popping his arm back in its socket. After talking with his mom, Bradley realizes they need to speak with Jay-Jay about his vision again since nothing happened that nearly killed Savanna. Mrs. Chambers drives Bradley and Savanna to Jay-Jay’s where they find Marcie. It is revealed that Jay-Jay had been the one to save her. He also had filled her in on their powers. Jay-Jay reveals he can’t sleep because of his visions. He gets annoyed with Bradley for pressuring him for details. He then feeds Bradley’s fears that Bradley is the reason all these bad things have happened. Bradley runs away.
The POV switches to Savanna, who has a visceral reaction to Bradley leaving. She gets angry at Jay-Jay for scaring Bradley off. They get into an argument. He then explains the details of his vision, claiming she walks into a building that explodes. Savanna tells him she can’t die if Bradley doesn’t, although Jay-Jay seems skeptical. Marcie reveals she knows they keep one of the vials in Mr. Krause’s law office downtown. A sensor in the box is supposed to activate explosives. Fueled by the likelihood that she won’t die, Savanna convinces Mrs. Chambers to take her to Mr. Krause’s office. Marcie agrees to help distract Aaron and the Krauses if she needs to, and it is then that her history with Aaron is revealed in detail. Ms. Jones agrees to go with Marcie.
Savanna breaks into the law office and steals the vial, activating an explosion. She dematerializes herself and inadvertently ends up teleporting to Bradley, who is at Union Station. She distracts him from getting on the bus and tries to convince him to not leave her. She reveals the cure in her hand. Eventually, he manages to tell her he loves her, which is a first. Their conversation is interrupted by a call from Jay-Jay, who is verifying her life. She proves she’s alive by talking to him.
In the epilogue, Bradley’s grandparents are at the Chambers’ house for Thanksgiving. He has a conversation with his grandfather in which it is revealed his grandfather had type one diabetes before he cured himself. Bradley tells him he doesn’t want to take the cure for himself. He’d rather see more people cured. They talk about Bradley possibly going to a trauma recovery center—the same one Serena has been admitted to. Marcie and her mom arrive, excited to join their family festivities. The phone rings and Mrs. Chambers answers. It turns out to be Kase’s mom, who is upset about the scene they had caused in Monument Circle. It is revealed Kase’s family is moving.

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