Pride Candle

Pride Candle

4 oz soy-based candle in a jar.

Candles are made to order. Colors may differ from picture(s).


For pride candles with different scents, visit the custom candle option in the shop.


Please note that due to the size of these candles, not all colors from a pride flag may be visible on the candle (only up to 3 colors will be used). I can't make full rainbow candles at this time. Also, the Bi Pride candles in the photograph(s) are labeled incorrectly as "Raspberry." These are, in fact, pomegranate scented. Due to issues with adding a white layer, lesbian, gay, trans, & ace candles will not have white layers to match their flags. For those who would like an unlabeled candle (in the spirit of being discreet), I have added that option.


Candle colors—

Lesbian Pride (Pink & Orange), Orange & Vanilla Scented

Gay/mlm Pride (Blue & Green) Cucumber Melon-Scented

Bi Pride (Blue, Purple, Pink) Pomegranate-Scented

Trans Pride (Light Blue & Light Pink) Lavender-Scented

Pan Pride (Blue, Yellow, Pink) Sand & Sea-Scented

Poly Pride (Blue, Green, Pink) Midnight Orchid-Scented

Ace Pride (Purple & Black) Cupcake-Scented

"Enby" or Non-Binary Pride (Black, Purple, Yellow) Fresh Cotton-Scented



-Please make sure to adhere to the instructions on the sticker located at the bottom of your candle.

-Please utilize proper fire safety protocols. Keep away from curtains, pets, & small children.

-Some candles may tunnel. To avoid this, be sure that on the FIRST LIGHT, the entire top of the candle has melted before blowing out the flame. If tunneling still occurs, try using a blow dryer (with your candle UNLIT) to melt the wax evenly.