(Paperback) In the Case of Our Fate

(Paperback) In the Case of Our Fate

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This is Book Two in the Diviner's Legacy Series.

Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction/Fantasy

"If there was a cure, would you take it?" the psychics ask 14-year-old Bradley.He doesn't know what they're talking about. A cure for what? His powers? His PTSD? Whatever it is, there's a cure coming, and Bradley isn't sure he wants it. Not unless it will save Savanna's life. Meanwhile, Jay-Jay is being cryptic about the vision he had of Savanna's death—a vision no one knows how to stop. Jay-Jay blames Bradley for the impending incident, and it isn't hard to guess why. He's a magnet for death and destruction. But Bradley can't seem to let Savanna go—not after his seemingly omniscient sister reveals he and Savanna are fated to be with each other. Would fate let them be apart?In this YA contemporary sci-fi fantasy romance, Bradley unearths a government conspiracy, banding a team of ragtag diviners determined to expose it. But will this be the end of Savanna's life?

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