Kryptonite Candle

Kryptonite Candle

Green candles shaped as a diamond. 3 inches tall (not including the wick) & 2.5 inches wide. Cucumber melon & mystic moon scented (smells a little like melon soap).


Candles are made to order. Color/shade may differ from pictures.



-Please make sure to adhere to the instructions on the sticker located at the bottom of your candle.

-Please utilize proper fire safety protocols. Make sure your candle is completely removed from the wrapping. Light on a heat-resistant surface, preferably a candle dish. Keep away from curtains, pets, & small children.

-If you purchased a WICKLESS version, it can be set on a candle warmer. Please be sure to keep a close eye on it as it melts. Depending on the size of your warmer, this candle could spill over the edge. For safety reasons, please do what you can to avoid this, and use proper safety protocols.

-Some candles may tunnel. To avoid this, be sure that on the FIRST LIGHT, the entire top of the candle has melted before blowing out the flame. If tunneling still occurs, try using a blow dryer (with your candle UNLIT) to melt the wax evenly.