The Legendary Shiver Review

The Legendary Shiver (J.H. MacAl) // 2020 // NA Romance



Reminiscent of Louis Sachar’s Small Steps, The Legendary Shiver tells a fast-paced story of love, loss, and the prices of fame many female artists face. J.H. MacAl explores the world of Ruby/Shiver Magnata through the eyes of the only person who has supported her career from the beginning—William Cooper da Silva. This book brings heavy insight into the music business, leaving readers with a stronger education in the subject as well as speculating what may have occurred behind the scenes of their favorite “washed-up” pop-stars’ lives. William, along with mutual friends of Ruby’s, are constantly psychoanalyzing Ruby. While this may seem repetitive to some, their speculations help the reader further understand the mind and emotions of the top-charting singer.

It, admittedly, took me a moment to discern the nature of William and Ruby’s relationship, as it did the characters themselves. The reader is kept at Will’s pace, constantly debating if their friendship is something more than what either of them care to admit. In fact, other characters see the connection long before the long-time friends do anything about it. It wasn’t until two-thirds of the way through the book did I truly realize this was a romance novel. I wish I hadn’t read the epilogue at all as I enjoyed the happy ending that occurred in the final chapter. However, their fate was much more than the classic happily ever after trope and it saddens me to say that sometimes that’s life. Our soulmates may not always stay with us forever.

I’m giving this book three stars because I feel like the story was choppy and could have used more elaboration in the narration. Although I saw in the copyright section of the book that it had an editor, the text seemed poorly edited. It could have used several rounds of touchups—fixing typos, removing unnecessary words or punctuation, etc. There was also a lot of “shuddering” going on with the narrator and, while I originally saw this as a play on Shiver’s name, I soon found it repetitive and overused. Despite this fact, the story of William and Ruby was truly legendary. Thank you, J.H. MacAl, for sharing the magical story of their entwining souls.

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