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Content Warning


The full content evaluation for this book is available as a PDF here.

Please note, the PDF is intended mainly for parents & educators who don't intend on reading the book.

Below is a brief summary of what appears in that evaluation. For more details (& spoilers), visit the above link.

Violence & Gore (39) - PG-13 Level

Profanity (12) - PG Level

Alcohol, Drugs, & Smoking (4) - PG-13 Level

Frightening & Intense Scenes (30) - PG-13 Level

Sex & Nudity (7) - PG-13 Level

Additional Content & Trigger Warnings (64)

  • 9/11 Terror Attacks (Plane Crash)

  • Bullying

  • Car Accident

  • Child Pornography, mention of

  • Death (of a child, parent, sibling, and friend)

  • Domestic Abuse, mention of

  • Drug Abuse/Overdose

  • Drunk Driving

  • Family Dysfunction

  • Financial Insecurity

  • Foster Care

  • Grief

  • Gun Violence

  • Immigration, mention of

  • Job Insecurity

  • Kidnapping/Abduction

  • Mental Health (ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Emotional Instability, Insomnia, Panic Attack, Paranoia, PTSD/Trauma, Sensory Overload/Sensitivity, Suicide)

  • Missing Person

  • Misogyny/Traditional Gender Roles

  • Murder, including attempted

  • Phobias (Arachnophobia/Mention of Spiders, Fear of Being Abandoned/Left Behind, Fear of Flying/Airplanes)

  • Physical Health (Broken Bones, Cancer, Heart Tumor, Illness/Sickness/Allergies/Flu/Strep, Nausea/Vertigo/Dizziness, Type 1 Diabetes, Vomiting)

  • Pregnancy, mention of (including Teen Pregnancy)

  • Racism/Racial Discrimination/Antiziganism/Antisemitism/Eugenics/Slavery

  • Relationship Breakup

  • Religion (Buddhism, Christianity/Protestant/Catholic, Islam, Judaism, Prayer/Blessings, Witchcraft)

  • School Shooting, mention of

  • Sexual Assault/Rape, mention of

  • Theft/Stealing, mention of

  • Torture, mention of

  • Transphobia, mention of

  • War (World War II/Holocaust, Szczurowa Massacre/Genocide, Vietnam War)

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