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Content Warning


The full content evaluation for this book is available as a PDF here.

Below is a brief summary of what appears in that evaluation. For more details, visit the above link.

Violence & Gore (40) - PG-13 Level

Profanity (17) - PG-13 Level

Alcohol, Drugs, & Smoking (7) - PG Level

Frightening & Intense Scenes (33) - PG-13 Level

Sex & Nudity (7) - PG-13 Level

Additional Content & Trigger Warnings (64)

  • Abuse (Ableism, Bullying, Child Abuse, Domestic/Relationship Abuse, Emotional Manipulation, Parental Neglect/Abandonment, Workplace Abuse/Extortion)

  • Addiction (brief mention of alcoholism & drug addiction)

  • Car Accident

  • Conspiracy Theories/Big Pharma

  • Crime (Arson/Explosives, Breaking & Entering, Kidnapping/Abduction/Missing Child, Stealing/Theft)

  • Death (of a friend/parent/sibling, brief insensitive mention of a death of a soldier, brief mention of a funeral, grief)

  • Family Issues (Arranged/Child Marriage, Divorce/Separation of Parents, Estrangement, Foster Care, Generational Trauma)

  • Gun Violence

  • Historical Events (Szczurowa Massacre & World War II/Holocaust)

  • Infertility (including mention of pregnancy)

  • Mental Health (Anxiety, brief mention of Dissociative Identity Disorder, Excessive Guilt, Insomnia, brief mention of Mental Hospitalization, Negative Body Image, PTSD/CPTSD/Trauma, Self-Harm Thoughts, Self-Hatred/Denial/Deprecation, Suicidal Thoughts/Ideation, Suicide/Martyrdom)

  • Misogyny/Sexual Harassment (Double Standards/Sexism, Pedophilia/Child Pornography, Prostitution/Pimping, brief mention of Rape/Sexual Assault, Sexting/Revenge Porn, Victim Blaming)

  • Murder/Death Threats, including attempted

  • Physical Health (Broken Bones/Dislocated Joints, Cancer, Diabetes/Hypoglycemia, Inoperable Tumor, Seizures)

  • Police Aggressiveness

  • Prejudice

  • Racism (Antiziganism, Slavery, White Supremacy/Nazism)

  • Relationship Breakup/Abandonment

  • Religious Abuse/Fear Mongering/Prejudice

  • Torture, mention of

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