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Book cover of A Sister's Imposition. Purple vector art on a black background.

A Sister's Imposition


Book Two in the Brunswick Saga.

Two years after her father's untimely passing, Sabrina Brunswick only has a few small hopes for her future. Abandoned at sixteen and left in the custody of her seventeen-year-old brother, she stopped allowing herself to hope. After all, her father had passed, her mother had left, and all she had was an overbearing brother and four annoying little siblings. Giving up cheerleading, she took a much different path. She lost her happiness and soon found herself chasing after drug dealers and the occult. By age eighteen, Sabrina found herself in a predicament that could be easily foreseen: she was pregnant. Her family didn't have money or health insurance and it seemed that the only way out was through abortion, but it didn't take long for the bright side to finally appear. Through this tale of love and loss, brings a story of hope and sacrifice. Sabrina soon learns to trust not only the people around her, but herself as well.

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