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Book cover of A Brother's Sacrifice. White blobs are in the shape of a spine & brain. Red slashes.

A Brother's Sacrifice


Book One in the Brunswick Saga.

When Ace Brunswick, the father of six children, loses his life in a fatal car accident, his family's lives are turned upside down. As the metaphorical glue between his family members, his death unhinged many interfamilial relationships. It didn't take long for his wife to leave their children behind after his untimely passing. As a result, their oldest son, Austin, is left to care for his five younger siblings, ranging in age from five to sixteen. While battling the stress of his parents' job and his final year of high school, Austin encounters numerous obstacles. As he struggles with his socially anxious five-year-old brother, his fourteen-year-old brother's bullies, and his sixteen-year-old sister's destructive relationships, Austin finds himself immersed in a world of constant anger and self-harm. And that's not even close to all his problems! When all hope seems lost, the continual support from a few unlikely friends help guide him through the end of the tunnel.

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